Two Ways To Use Ear Cleaners for Your Dogs and Cats

Dog's ears - need cleaning?

We’re gonna do whaaattt…?!!

If you’re like most pet parents I know, cleaning your dog’s or cat’s ears is not one of your favorite pet health care regimes. Most likely your pet doesn’t just love it so much either!

But you are probably already aware of the importance of regular ear cleaning (suggested weekly) and inspecting of your pet’s ears. This has been proven to prevent problems that can affect your pet’s longer term health, including more serious issues such as hearing loss. And I’m sure you are committed to doing the best for your pet so you can enjoy them longer (and save money at the vet’s!).

So the question is: how do you make this more palatable, even “fun” for both of you?!

  1. First of all, you most likely know how sensitive pets are to what you’re feeling. If you’re calm and relaxed about the ear cleaning and inspection and speak lovingly to them, petting them throughout the process, they’ll be much calmer and more cooperative.  Even if you’ve been uptight and anxious in the past and it’s affected their behavior, they can learn to model your now relaxed nature and even look forward to this opportunity for more “love” during the process.
  2. Treats can help too, if need be. Showing it to them and having it sitting up on a counter nearby until you’re finished or letting them see you put it in your pocket before you get started gets their attention. They know something good is going to be happening and they are generally more cooperative.
  3. Here’s another point to consider. One of the reasons they may have been sensitive and anxious when you went to do anything to or around their ears could be because they have a problem there. It could be painful due to wax buildup that’s hardened somewhat. Or even mites or flea bites making their ears tender from constant scratching to relieve the itch. They may even have moisture that’s stayed too long in the ear from bathing or swimming and bred an infection (yeast, fungus, bacteria) that’s causing pain, itching or irritation. Or perhaps they have some kind of burr or grass awn embedded in the area that is irritating them. (You can read more in detail about each highlighted linked area by clicking on the text.)

Two Optional Methods To Clean Ears:

Because we at Dancing Pet are so passionate about finding the best natural solutions for our pet’s health and grooming issues, we keep improving our current products and bringing on board the best new natural formulations for common pet problems. We’ve just changed the packaging design of our ear wash to give you more options in how you use it.

A. TDancing Pet Ear Wash - new dispenser twist caphe new twist-open dispenser cap gives better options for use. The recommended way to use it, especially the first time, is to insert the cone shaped top directly into the ear canal and gently squeeze the bottle till the cleaner fills up the ear canal. Then massage the fur below the ear flap so you can hear squishy sounds as the inner part of the ear canal is getting cleaned. It should take about 30 seconds (your dog or cat will usually love this part!). You can continue to use this method for weekly maintenance. Or you can use the alternative method below.

B. Some prefer to just squeeze the ear wash onto a cotton pad or gauze and then wipe out the inside of the ear, putting your finger with the gauze/cotton on it down gently into the ear canal and rubbing it around to get the area cleaned and protected. You’ll know how long to continue as you’ll use one to several pads until they come up clean and all the dirt, debris or wax is gone. Then use a pad with more ear wash to clean each ear flap. You can view a customer’s video here to see this method in action. Just scroll down to the bottom of that page to view it.

The way I like to look at it and what motivates me to put somewhat undesirable tasks on my Must-Do List is this: It would be a shame to find out later that a problem my fur baby developed could have been prevented if caught in time. Or that they had been suffering with something that could have been relieved much sooner.

Here’s to simplifying life and enjoying natural, healthful living for both us and our Best Furry Friends!

If this article was helpful to you, we’d love to hear your comments below. Or if you have any other tips or questions, please post them as well. We read and respond to everything our loyal customers talk to us about! Thank you in advance for you feedback.




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