Internet Buzz Growing for Dancing Pet Products

They’re starting to talk about us!

We’rYoung Girl Talking On The Telephone And Using A Notebook Computere excited to share with you that the word is getting out about our natural pet product line – particularly the Dancing Pet Ear Wash for Dogs & Cats – and are thankful to people like you who are telling their friends, sharing their experience with the products on social sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram. To find the posts, just do a search for “dancing pet” or “dancing pet ear wash.”

We’ve also been noticed by bloggers who are talking about us and many have used and written reviews about the product. Some have even recorded videos about it. We have a growing list of close to 100 bloggers wanting to write about us! Amazing!

If you’re interested to know what our product purchasers are saying about our flagship Ear Wash product that we sell exclusively on Amazon, check out the Review Page we’ve compiled on our site – with direct links to the original review on Amazon. This includes a handful of top Amazon reviewers who’ve agreed to try our product on their pets and rate their experience.

And we have about 28 bloggers and reviewers in the wings testing our product for themselves right now! We’ll add their comments to our Review Page when we receive them.

Did you know we are on Pinterest? Both fun and interesting Pins we are placing there regularly. Check us out & follow us. Plus you can connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and even Linked In. Just follow the link buttons posted on this page (at top or side).

We’d love to hear YOUR experience with our products! You can post your review through your Amazon account page. And be sure to sign up for the latest news on more natural pet products as they are released, along with VIP rewards for discounts and special promotional offers. Just join the VIP Club through the form on the top right. We thank you! It is a pleasure to serve you and your furry friends.




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