How to Keep your Dog or Cat Looking Like a Pet Show Star

…Or at least clean, soft, looking and smelling great with no fur stains, nasty ears, or dryPet show star well groomed dog itchy skin problems and needless allergies. And aren’t these the best bonuses for both you and your fur baby?!

Dancing Pet’s goal with all our pet products is to take the most effective and safe natural ingredients and formulate them to work well for your dog, cat, horse, or small animal. That way you both are stars!

Here is a checklist of areas you can make your pet shine and look good enough to win a pet show award!

Skin & Coat

  • Does the hair and fur have a nice sheen and feel clean and soft to the touch without matting or tangles?
  • Is the coat shiny without being abnormally course and dried out or too full of static electricity?
  • Is the skin hydrated and moist, with no dry flaky, itchy skin or hot spots?
  • Does your pet’s fur feel, look, and smell good overall?

Earscat having ear checked by veterinarian

  • Do the ears appear clean under the flap and when you peer inside the ear canal?
  • Are there any funky smells coming out of the ear area?
  • Is there any debris or excess wax buildup inside the ear?
  • Do the ear flaps and ear canal show any signs of abrasions, scaliness, redness or inflammation?
  • Is there any sign of an infection? Does the dog or cat shake its head a lot or scratch constantly at its ears?


  • Are their stains around the eyes from excess tears?
  • Do their eyes water a lot? Some breeds tend to have excessive tearing naturally.
  • Are the eyes clear or bloodshot?
  • Is there any growth or inverted eyelash irritating the eye?


  • Are there stains around the mouth and beard areas?
  • Are there any hot spots, bare skin patches or abrasions?


  • Are there constant fur stains on or between the paws?
  • Is there anything embedded in the paws, like a grass awn or sticker, or any cuts or abrasions needing attention?
  • Are nails neatly trimmed and filed with no jagged edges? Remember: Not too short to cut the quick and bleed, not too long to click on the floor, snag on furniture or scratch people.

If any of the areas above were not 100% checked “YES!” – check out some of the best ways to clear up the problems fairly quickly in a lot of cases.

Easy Natural Solutions!

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JOIN THE FUN with Your Favorite Furry Pet Show Award!

Enjoy some of the videos below our customers have posted about their pets enjoying the spa experience! Feel free to send us your video links too! 😉

Ronnie Loves Bath Time!

Both Cats & Dogs Love Our Shampoo!

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