How to Clean Your Pet’s Ears

If you’ve read some of the other blog posts, you realize by now the importance of keeping your dog’s or cat’s ears inspected and cleaned on a regular basis, preferably weekly.

Here are some tips on the best ways to use an ear wash to keep their ears free of dirt, wax, debris and bacteria, and deter any mites or parasites, yeast, fungus, bacteria or other unwanted elements in your pet’s ears.

First, make Ear Wash for Dogs Cats - Dancing Petsure you have gathered together all the supplies you will need.

Pictured here are:
Dancing Pet Ear Wash
• Towel
• Cotton pads, cotton balls or gauze – whatever works best for you
• You could also have a few cotton swabs handy for cleaning down into the ear canal
• Optional: Latex or rubber gloves if you prefer, especially if you suspect an infection is present
Once you have your dog or cat snuggled up to you, pull back the ear flap gently. Inspect the ear flap, outer ear area, and just inside the ear canal. Look for any debris, irritation, or problems your pet might be experiencing. (See previous blog posts about Ear Infections for more information.)

Open the Ear Wash cap and gently squeeze some of the solution into the ear canal. Continue to keep one Dog's earhand on your dog or cat so once you put down the bottle you can easily massage the outer area around the ear canal with your hand. You will hear a bit of a squishing sound, as the solution rubs inside the hollow ear canal.

After about 30 seconds or so, let go and allow your pet to shake its head. This will help release any of the debris inside that you have loosened with your rubbing. This is also why you have a towel handy, as you may need to wipe up a few spots around where they have shaken their head. Doing the cleaning process in a kitchen or utility area or even outdoors works well.

The last step is to wet a cotton ball, a cotton pad, or a piece of gauze with a bit more of the Ear Wash. Lift up the ear flap and use the pad to gently clean the flap and the outer ear area. Then with a clean pad or even a cotton swab, go more into the ear canal and wipe out as much of the wax, dirt and debris as you can. Don’t worry about getting it all if they are jumpy and not used to you cleaning their ears. The soothing ear wash formula will continue to soften and release the remaining wax and dirt and it will eventually come out.

Now do the same with the other ear.Dog with ear s up

This process should be repeated daily for several days if there is a lot of build up and yuck in the ear area. Once cleared up, it is a great health routine to check and clean the ears in this way once a week. As your fur baby gets used to you handling its ears this way, they will come to look forward to it as another part of your snuggling, touching and massaging them. They should respond well, especially if you are relaxed and calm and lovingly talking to them as you are performing this act of love and care for them.

That’s it for now! I hope you found this helpful.

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