Healthy Dog Treat Recipes

making dog treatsWishing you had some tasty treats for your dog that didn’t cost and arm and a leg?

Why not make your own?

In case you haven’t visited the site lately, we have added (and continue to add) some easy and fun to make dog treat recipes that are great for your dog’s health too.

To help you with this, we’ve searched out some recipes you could quickly make yourself with easy to obtain ingredients. You can check them out on our site (Recipes & Treats) or view some of the recipe videos on our You Tube channel.

When you make one of the recipes, why not share your success and your dog’s reaction with us? Post a picture of your treats and/or your dog enjoying them on our Facebook page or any of our social sites. We’d love to hear about it and any tips or tricks you learned along the way. Enjoy!

Note: Be sure to check the ingredients first to not include anything your pet may be allergic to. If you’re not sure, feel free to contact your veterinarian for information.

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