Does Natural Ear Cleaner Rid Cat’s Ear Mites?

Several customers have asked about our natural ear wash in regard to how it works for treating mites on their cat or dog.

While Dancing Pet Ear Wash is not specifically designed to eliminate ear mites, it is definitely a key part in getting rid of them and discouraging the mites from returning. Here’s how this works.

cat having ear checked by veterinarianWhen mites are present, they create dark stinky debris and detritus. We use a natural formula that clears out all the debris in the ear from mites and neutralizes the ear canal to prevent bacteria, fungus, and ear wax buildup from becoming a recurring problem. More and darker wax forms to protect the ear when mites are present. Mites love to hide in the wax, so it’s important to clean out the wax and debris which will also get some of the mites out along with it. Mites show up as white specks, so you can check to see if they are still present after cleaning the ears a few times. Mites can also be spread from pet to pet or ear to ear, so make sure to treat both ears and all pets.

If your cat or dog continues to have ear mites, you will know by their scratching and shaking their head. If so, there are medicated solutions to get rid of them. The main thing is to keep the ear canals in a neutralized condition so mites will not be inclined to camp out there. Our natural ear cleaner coats and protects the ear canal to prevent almost anything from taking hold and getting a chance to cause ear problems in the first place.New cap on ear wash bottle

Some say our natural solution has gotten rid of the mites. We cannot state that as the purpose of our formula, although it certainly is part of the equation in getting rid of the mites problem altogether in the long term, as you can see.

As always, if there continues to be a problem, check with your vet or holistic animal practitioner. If your case is severe and there are any concerns that the eardrum may be ruptured, definitely check with your vet to confirm before using anything in the  ear.

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