Best Natural Ear Care for Dogs, Cats, Horses

love my dog, cat, horseHave you every had a problem with keeping the ears of your dog, cat, or horse clean, smelling good, and in healthy condition?

One of the best things you can do is implement a weekly ear care regimen. Not only is it wise to check the ears for any problems that could be starting, it is also great for a preventative measure.

More and more people these days are looking for healthy, natural solutions to aid in cat or dog ear care and even for their horses’ ear care. Too often the traditional ear washes and ear cleaners for pets have had harsh chemicals. These ingredients can cause thinning of the skin area around the ear, as well as make it easier to get infections when the dog or cat scratches their itchy ears. And many of the formulas or medications simply do not work or are overkill for normal ear care and ear health maintenance.Check dog's ears

Solutions with ingredients like alcohol tend to dry out the ear area, making it tender, red, and irritated. Products containing MEA & DEA can have a cumulative effect over time in damaging the sensitive ear area skin tissue.

That’s why we formulated an ear wash solution for dogs, cats and horses that can be used regularly with no long-term harmful effects. Made only from naturally derived plant-based ingredients (like coconut, palm, lemon, aloe), it is soothing, brings fast healing to irritated areas, and protects the inner ear flap and ear canal.

Key Benefits:

  • One of the most effective ear treatments available
  • Soothing blend of naturally-derived plant-based ingredients help to condition and moisturize
  • Protects and heals without depleting the natural lipid barrier of the skin
    • That means: solution doesn’t break down the skin further, but helps it build back up and heal faster, so pet does not keep scratching and aggravating the site
  • Pet smells better and stays healthier with clean ears
  • Great to use weekly to keep ears clean and healthy and prevent wax buildup

DP-Main-EarWash-finalbottle-mainpixFor Dogs & Cats – Even Horses

Safe & Effective    Non-Irritating

Soothing to the Skin to Help Heal Irritated Areas


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