All Things Natural?

You’ve already determined that Natural is Best.natural -nature's best grooming

You want to use the best natural products for both yourself and your pet. Whenever you can, you choose the product that says “natural” ingredients on the label.

But are you sure you know what you’re really getting? What constitutes “natural” in labeling? Does that mean all the ingredients are 100% natural?

Getting educated about the REAL Natural

Unfortunately, because natural products are in demand, many manufacturers just tweak their product formulation to add something they can say is natural, like a natural fragrance. All that “natural” may refer to could be that on top of the normal chemicals they’ve added something that smells like a fruit or flower.

grains - oats - oatmealAnother example of this is with common pet shampoos that list oatmeal on their “natural” shampoo. Often some form or a small amount of oatmeal is just added in with their normal mix of chemicals. This is why those products may not be helpful to a pet’s skin and coat over a long period of time. Often a dog or cat starts itching and having dry skin problems due to the ingredients in the shampoo, even ones that are supposed to be helping with the itching.

More often than you’d think pets are allergic to oatmeal. So even if the rest of the ingredients are truly natural, it can cause a problem. That’s why we pledged to use only a grain-free alternative to oatmeal in our pet shampoo & grooming products.

The Search for the Best Naturals

When we went looking for the best pet shampoo product to carry, we spoke with various chemists and natural product makers to get educated and find something we’d be happy to bring to market. It had to meet our criteria for having only beneficial and no harmful ingredients in it. Not only that, but we wanted it to have a fast and effective result of cleaning, treating, and protecting the dog’s or cat’s fur and skin. We wanted a soft, shiny, healthy glow that smelled clean and kept on nourishing the underlying skin with moisture in between treatments to combat dry skin issues. And we definitely wanted no allergens!

dog scratching itch funnyIn fact, we got a bonus in our research. We found out that common dry and sensitive skin issues pets have is often caused by the surfactants (cleaners) included that strip out the natural oils and moisture from the hair and skin. This can lead to a dull coat and dry scaly skin or other breakouts, often known as hot spots. So for that reason, we only use natural soap-free solution that actually moisturizes, heals, and protects as it restores the skin’s moisture and the coat’s shine.

Hot Spot Solution!

So if your pet seems to be itchy or have irritated, sensitive skin, and even areas where they are biting or chewing to calm the itching, first try changing what you’re using on the skin and coat. That can help determine if your current products are contributing to the problem or not. If so, you’ll save countless hours and tests looking into food allergies and other potential causes plus expensive vet bills along the way.

We’ve saved pet parents lots of time, money and aggravation from thinking their pet had seasonal or food allerFresh & Natural - Dancing Pet Best Groomer's Pet Shampoogies that were causing skin or coat problems when the biggest cause was what they were using to groom their pet.

When it comes to natural health care products, our team at Dancing Pet Naturals digs down behind the claims to make sure you are getting the best, safest, and most natural ingredients in your pet health products. Simply put, if we wouldn’t use it on OUR pets, we won’t be putting our name on the label.

Check out our Best Groomer’s Pet Shampoo – All Natural All-in-One Product for Fast Easy Grooming. After you’ve tried this, you’ll never want to use anything else on your fur baby!

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