Alcohol Or No Alcohol To Keep Your Pet’s Ears Dry and Problem Free?

Dachshund floppy ears - ear problems avoid


Recently we had a customer reach out to ask about the best way to keep her dachshund’s ears dry and healthy. Her vet had suggested she use alcohol to achieve the dryness. Since we especially do not put alcohol in our ear cleaner, she was wondering about continuing to use our ear wash on her dog.

Here’s what we had to say:

Thank you so much for your comments and for reaching out to ask more about the ear wash.


Since we are not veterinarians and do not know the specific problem your vet is addressing, we can only tell you about how our product is designed to work and why. Then you can decide the best course of action both short term and long term with your dachshund.


The vet’s point about keeping the ear dry is definitely a good one. Common bacterial and fungal infections arise from water trapped in the ear – a common problem being swimmer’s ear. Pets with long floppy ears and/or lots of hair around the ears can keep moisture trapped as well and create a breeding ground for ear problems. Sounds like this would apply to your breed of dog, for sure!


The problem with using alcohol based products is that they do dry out the ear canal but its harshness can upset the pH balance if used too often and strip the natural moisture barrier needed for best ear function.


Actually what people like so much about our product is that it only contains natural ingredients that are not harmful and do not dry out the skin or damage the lipid barrier of the skin which can make it thin out and sensitive over time. Plus, our ear wash is designed to maintain the pH balance without acidifying the skin.Dancing Pet Natural Ear Wash helps dachshunds and floppy eared pets with natural ear cleaner solution


Alcohol and hydrogen peroxide type ingredients can definitely dry the ear canal out if that is needed for a short period, but is not advisable over the long haul. Definitely the ear canal needs to be kept dry from water which can breed bacteria, fungus, and other problems. Our ear wash when used regularly forms a protective barrier like the ear wax (but different in its properties) to deter any problems from taking root, including ear wax buildup.


To explain further: If you think about the natural properties and feeling of ear wax, you’ll realize it has a slightly moist greasy feeling. Just a little is needed for the ear to be healthy and function well, but too much is not a good thing. So our ear wash can almost be compared in the feeling it leaves to the natural ear wax, but the difference is that it controls the amount of wax in the ear and keeps almost everything else that could turn into an ear problem at bay.


In telling you all of this, please note, as I mentioned, that we are not veterinarians, but work closely with our scientists to formulate the best products for our pets. So our insights about our product and how it is designed to work is in no way overriding what your vet is telling you. You may very well want to use alcohol or an alcohol-based ear cleaner at times when there seems to be a problem, especially if all the ingredients are natural, if that seems to helping with the problem. And then use a natural pH balanced ear cleaner such as ours for regular weekly maintenance or as needed to protect the ear area from getting too dried out.


I hope this helps you in doing the best to keep your furry friend healthy and happy! Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.

dogs and cats ears cleaned best with Dancing Pet Natural Ear WashIf you yourself have any questions we can address for you about your best furry friends, we would welcome them!

We will do our best to bring you answers and share the most effective solutions we can find for your fur kids.

In the meantime, if you want to find out more about our all natural ear cleaner for your dog, cat, small animal or horse, check out our product detail page here. 

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