13 Lucky Reasons Pets Are Good For Your Health

Boy with dog cat by waterDebating about whether to get a new pet – or add another one to your current zoo?!

As you’ve probably already figured out, pets do have some great health benefits to us. And that’s truly lucky for us, since we love them so much! But you may not have realized all they can give us health-wise – including emotional, social and actual physical benefits.

Several studies have been done to verify these facts. When I saw an article posted by North Woods Animal Treats that beautifully elucidated this, I had to share this with you. They shared 8 but I have added 5 more of my own.

8 Reasons Pets Are Good For Your Health:

  1. Pets help lower blood pressure.Capacity to Love expands with pets
  2. Pets boost our  immune system levels.
  3. Pets teach our kids kindness.
  4. Growing up with pets lessens allergies.
  5. Pets increase your physical fitness level.
  6. Pet increase your feeling of safety.
  7. Pets decrease your loneliness.
  8. Pets help your social life to expand.

This is just a teaser to encourage you to read the surprising facts about how and why these 8 reasons are true. Visit here for the details – or review it on our Facebook page. (Look on the page for items posted 3/3/15).

Here are My BONUS 5 Reasons Why Pets Are Good For Your Health:

9. Pets expand your capacity to love. (Don’t you feel your heart swell with love when you’re with them?)

10. Touching your pets increase your happiness chemical levels. (You feel like purring too!)

11. Pets decrease your day to day worry load. (One look or wag or lick and your frown is gone!)health benefits of pets - creativity and laughter

12. Pets increase your longevity. (You feel better and want to live longer to take care of them.)

13. Pets bring the required Belly Laugh A Day quota with their silly antics to laugh at (never mind the silly things we do with our pets…!).

So Live Long, Laugh Much, Love More – and Enjoy Many Pets!

And, if you feel so inclined, share some more of YOUR Favorite Reasons your pet keeps YOU Healthy in the Comments below! Oh, yes – and also they increase your creativity…!

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